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Why choose us

  • Luxurious and convenient design with warmy space
  • Personalized services provided by a team of young and friendly staffs
  • A smart choice of holidays and short breaks
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • The nearest Airport Hotel

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Our Location

With such as that great point, HAAP AIRPORT HOTEL is a favourite destination for transit-passengers, business people as well as the coupled ones who would not like to spend their time in a busy city, get up early for morning flights or tiredly wait hours at the airport for late departure.

FREE Airport Pick-up: Our Transfer Team is always available at HAAP AIRPORT HOTEL and Noibai International airport. So just drop us a line with your personal contact: Full name, flight number, phone number and arrival time then we will pick you up at the airport to our hotel.

Warning!!! There are a lot of touts and bogus cabbies as well as indecent tour information counters at Noi Bai airport, who try to cheat you to another hotel for commission such as, they secretly contact their hotel-partners and then impersonate our hotel staff to speak to you on the phone that, the hotel you booked that is full already and offer you another hotel or some scams like that...